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"Now, we're the first to admit that we kinda sorta cheated in this map, using a perfectly public exploit that we unfairly term a Carneyhole. It's basically a ledge upon which the ball holder may stand and avoid (most) fire from the rest of the map. Now, the ball indicator clearly shows WHERE the ball and holder are hiding, but it confused the elderly contingent of HBO monkeys. They were standing within mere feet of us (we all huddled around the ball holder) and proximity voice allowed us to hear their plaintive wailing. 'Where are they? They're jerks! Did they fall off the map?'" -See Full Story Here

I'm not showing anything new here...  All main videos start from the central area; hopefully that will help to clear up confusion about the locations.

All of this was originally in a forum post at HBO.


To reach both carneyholes, you need to head to this tower.


Carneyhole No.1


Second View of Carneyhole No.1


Ok, next is another ledge located in close proximity to the first one. The Bungie guys didn't jump down here, thankfully. This one is more difficult to reach. The key here is to back up over the first ledge slowly, facing the wall. When you start falling, face the wall and run into it (be pressing forward into the wall.) When you land down below, you will survive because you will run up the slope and away from the instant kill zone. If you don't run toward the wall, upon landing you will slide into the instant kill zone and die.


Carneyhole No.2


Second View of Carneyhole No.2


The next video doesn't show a carneyhole, but it shows a good strategic move that was used by the Bungie guys. They basically jumped over a wall and confused me for a second (I can't speak for everyone else.) Over the wall and below is a rocket launcher and two quick ways to escape.


Escape Route





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