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12/24/04 2:05 PM EST

Well... I've run out of time for uploading much of anything before Christmas. I've posted a new exploration of Quarantine Zone, and that's about all I have time for. :(

I'm headed home to spend some time with the family. I hope everyone has a good holiday weekend! :)



12/7/04 7:50PM EST

I've uploaded about half the stuff I have recorded. Check most of the sections for a little new content. I wanted to mention the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) on Delta Halo. Check it out and try to figure out the rest of the puzzle!



11/27/04 2:30 PM EST

Does the server seem to be running slow? It seems that way to me. Like I said below, this is a new server (and not nearly as powerful as the all-mighty Carnegie Mellon University server.)

The server is getting hammered right now. I can't do anything about the speed. I try to provide a little text instruction and a few pictures for when this sort of thing happens. 



11/27/04 10:20 AM EST

Ok, I've finally finished uploading everything that I've got. Check out 'Metropolis: Scarab Gun & Banshee' in the Exploration section and 'Surviving a Long Fall' in the Tricks section. Enjoy.



11/22/04 12:30 AM EST

I'm going to be uploading some stuff.  I really need to start uploading immediately after filming.



11/12/04 5:20 AM EST

I've filled the exploration section with explorations of *almost* every level.  I left out 'Arbiter' because when I was converting video, I thought the tricks I had recorded there were pretty lame.  You can get almost anywhere on that map with a banshee anyway :P.

There are no multiplayer explorations at the moment either.

I think I was a little too excited about trying to do something in every level... and as a result I'm going to take my first Halo 2 break ^_^.  On the pages where I say "more coming soon" soon might not be nearly as speedy as all of this was.

I want to make quick note of the fact that lots of the stuff here is pretty simple, and many people will be discovering these methods on their own... some people may have posted the methods before me.  If the content here is immediately influenced by other people's work... I will give credit where it is due.  This is a personal site where I am either documenting what I've done on my own, or what I've done using other people's instruction (and if it is using instruction, I'll say so.)  (These kind of speeches will probably end up in the FAQ here later;)

Anyway, enjoy and thanks for visiting.



11/10/04 9:20 PM EST

Welcome to the new and possibly improved Utfoo site. 

I'm too lazy to go back in time and make the old site Halo 2 friendly, so I have just developed a new page template and linked to all the old material. I don't even know if everything is going to function properly... so this is a test until I've populated all the new sections, and checked all the old areas. An example: I suspect that the old "home" links will point to here, and the only way you can see the old home page is by going there from here. That's really not a problem IMO.

The original site was created and kept up with Frontpage, but we had to transfer to a new non-frontpage server when Carnegie Mellon University got tired of handling the traffic. So the page development here will be done in Frontpage on a mirrored copy of the site and then uploaded. Since this makes things a little more complicated for me, I've put some thought into a single page template that I will be using for the entire site. 

<--- Navigation Bar Here

Quick Links Here--->

On the top of every page there will be:

Utfoo | [title space] | Minimalist Def.

The central column, title space included, is the area that will change from page to page. The quick links might change too... but HBO, HIH and bnet will always be there in-case I am lazy (which is a pretty good bet.) Quick links is a cell that might also be available for other purposes besides linking out of this site... I haven't decided yet.

On the bottom will be the copyright statement that lets you know that I didn't create Halo.

Moving on to the navigation bar... This site will be divided into four sections:

 -Section 1 will contain "special" themed sections. I have one concept in development right now that will span both Halo & Halo2. 

-Section 2 is the trick area for Halo 2. I'll hopefully be putting something in there.

-Section 3 is the trick area for Halo. I don't have any current intention of updating this section. This area is dedicated to Brian Morden.

-Section Fo (4) will contain a FAQ, Links and "Kitchen Sink." Section Fo is basically an "extra junk" section with an extra junk section... hopefully this will leave enough room for any unexpected junk.

Ok, back to work....




"H.B.O. is my Anti-Drug™, what's yours?" 


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