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The Law of Unintended Consequences

Toward the end of the game's development cycle you try to fix problems that arise in ways that will have the least impact, so you don't end up creating more bugs than you fix. It looks like a late change in the vehicle physics for the Warthog, a poorly timed save point (that could trigger just before you were killed, creating an infinite cycle of death) a convenient beam-triggering looping script and a very quick fix have come together and created a brand new online multiplayer game for crazy forum posters.

My late night fixes seem to be prone to creating mini-games as I also inadvertently added the “Paint the Bridge with the Blood of Invincible Marines Game” and the “Land on the Overshield to Skip Most of the Shaft Game.” I guess experimenting with ways to horribly abuse the level scripting is one way to add replay value…

-Flawless Cowboy  (a.k.a. Jaime Griesemer)


(posted on the HBO forum 2/11/02 12:37 p.m.)

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