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Strange, Odd, Weird

Seventh Column



The Bird

The bird is relentless, it will not stop...


Movie: Red Like the Devil

This is the male Cardinal that has been attacking our house, and our cars, for over two weeks now. 

It flies to a perch near a window. Then it proceeds to fly up to the window and strike the glass with it's beak. But sometimes, it will actually hop up to the window and scratch at the glass with it's beak. It has actually left dents and scratch marks on the glass.

When we try to scare it away, it just flies up to another window and continues.  We have just recently spotted it hopping on the cars, and chipping the paint with powerful downward thrusts of it's beak.

The scariest encounter was when it actually hopped up the steps to the front door and started scratching on the glass.

How can we be rid of this monster forever?


Solution #1...

The attack dog.

Trained for months on yellow moose plushies, she is ready to kick some bird arse. She is lean, mean, and hasn't been fed all day.


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